January 25, 2018

Technology Scouting

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and their associated parts and subsystems are continually being updated, modified, and adapted, and manufacturers are introducing new systems at a breakneck pace. AirView Consulting keeps its finger on the pulse of the industry by constantly talking to manufacturers and end users to separate the good ideas from those products that provide great execution now.

AirView Consulting assesses an organization’s current capabilities, finds key technology that can enhance those operations, and then helps companies execute their strategic decisions. AirView also advises about supplementary equipment that expands systems and makes them interoperable with other networks and systems. Our scouts go to industry shows and find the best technology to meet the needs of our clients from cameras to radios to data collection sensors.


AirView brings over a decade of experience with original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and industry insights that allows us to customize both acquisition and integration of UAS into your program.