February 1, 2019


DroneSense in Energy

Air View is now offering DroneSense: Your complete and best-in-class UAS solution.

DroneSense features three components that work together to bring your comprehensive software platform: AirBase, Pilot and Ops Center.


  • Automatically attribute data across mission assets & pilots
  • Log flights automatically and offers detailed playback
  • Create custom pilot checklists, maintenance checklists and reminders
  • File and distribute NOTAMs online
  • Generate custom reports
  • Set and automatically apply media + data retention policies
  • Store training materials, manuals, policies and procedures
  • Easily export data for regulatory compliance

Your complete system of record

Manage your hardware


  • Fly manually or create autonomous plans
  • Execute robust, autonomous flight plans reducing manual flying
  • See pertinent telemetry in a clear display
  • View and record multiple types of video, including thermal
  • Ensure compliance with custom, integrated checklists
  • View elevations in AGL, MSL and Height Above Terrain (HAT)
  • Collaborate in real time via a Common Operating Picture
  • Communicate with operations command and other drone pilots on scene

Clear telemetry with multiple view options

Scene intel + multiple data feeds

Ops Center

  • Unprecedented collaboration and offline capabilities
  • Watch any drone session via a Chrome Browser
  • Share a secure session with all stakeholders
  • Task and direct pilots with the tap of a screen
  • Communicate with and visualize all pilots in real-time
  • Option to communicate and collaborate in offline environments

Secure streaming for all stakeholders