January 25, 2018

Regulatory Management

Aviation, including the use of small unmanned aircraft for commercial purposes, is a regulated business.  Rules are set by the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”), the National Transportation Safety Board, and in some cases, states and local governments.

Not following the rules may make your operation look unprofessional or unqualified, lead to an enforcement action, or result in accidents or mishaps that destroy the drone (your investment) harm people or property, or affect insurability.

To operate safely and professionally, you must follow the rules and to follow them, you must know them.  Learning all the rules and staying current, however, is not always easy or convenient.  

AirView Consulting has extensive knowledge of the rules and regulations governing the safe operation of UAS and can guide you through the web of regularity compliance. We are trusted to do just this at professional education programs and conferences where we educate industry decision makers, law enforcement, and attorneys.  

We help our clients

  • Learn and understand the rules and regulations through instruction and training;
  • Create operations manuals, best practices, and checklists based on the rules and the polices behind them
  • Take full advantage of all applicable waivers and exemptions available under Part 107. If legal advice seems warranted, AirView Consulting can recommend qualified Counsel or will work alongside an attorney of your choosing.
  • Understand the interplay between compliance and insurability