January 25, 2018

Operational Assessment


Most small UAS operators do not enter the aviation industry with the same level of training and actual flight experience as general and commercial aviation pilots, and thus require assistance in understanding and complying with Federal Aviation Administration requirements. Before being allowed to even apply for authorization to operate manned aircraft, much less fly, pilots in general and commercial aviation are required to complete hours of classroom training, flight and simulator training, accompanied instructional flight training, and solo training, etc.

By the time these pilots are ready to get into the aviation business they have invested thousands of hours and dollars in their education and their equipment. They come to party, so to speak, ready to dance.  Not necessarily so with small UAS operators.


The issue is no longer the timeframe required to get into a commercial aviation opportunity. Small UAS are semi-autonomous, inexpensive, and usually produce an immediate cost savings for the end user. It is rather understanding the environment of operation, the requirements for certification, and the tasks that need to be accomplished to be able to conduct commercial or public operations.


The unmanned aircraft space has created a new breed of pilots who have limited exposure to aviation and generally display a lack of understanding of the National Air Space (NAS) as a whole. There are simply not enough FAA Aviation Safety Inspectors to conduct both outreach and oversight, or to develop policy and guidance. As a result, individuals and enterprises want to assure their companies and shareholders that they have achieved and maintain the qualifications and are in full compliance.

Air View Consulting has the right people to assist clients in verifying, validating, and conducting UAS operations. From the purchase of aircraft and technology, to the training and qualification of their crewmembers and pilots, to the application and certification of commercial ventures – AirView has you covered.  As an ongoing relationship with each of our clients, Air View Consulting will continue to examine, audit, and help correct issues needing attention as the UAS industry continues to mature.


During a client’s initial introduction to Air View Consulting, and prior to any audit, an Operational Analysis can be scheduled and designed to provide a current review of the following:

    • Goals for use of UAS within the construct of the corporation.
    • Aviation Department designation, if any.
    • Enterprise safety analysis.
    • Type of manned or unmanned operation.
    • Contract or employee based operation.
    • Statute and Regulatory understanding.
    • UAS Aircraft registration, certification, and documentation requirements.
    • COA applicability, application, and currency.
    • Pilot training, qualification, and currency.
    • Documentation required for exemption, waiver, or authorization.
    • Data, data, data.
    • Objective of ongoing relationship between AirView and customer.
    • Proponent preparation for and conduct of audit.
    • Feedback and correction of discovered discrepancies.
    • Debrief of management team.