What we do

At Air View Consulting, LLC, we create a customized roadmap from where you are on the path to using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in your operations to where you want to go. We work with clients to assess needs and to develop best practices, whether for a few missions or whether the goal is to replace high-risk manual tasks with UAS. We advise on all aspects of UAS use and programs:​

What UAS could be used for in your operations, in light of FAA rules and regulations, and how UAS can be implemented

How UAS can reduce costs and risk

UAS insurance requirements and sources

Best airframes for specific types of missions

Whether to contract with third parties or develop an in-house program

Best flight tracking software for complying with Federal Aviation Association (FAA) rules and regulations

About Us

AirView Consulting has pilot crews available for immediate use for a wide variety of missions from the inspection of infrastructure to closed set filming (including pursuant to a section 333 exemption). AirView Consulting is a preferred vendor for VirtualAirBoss ™ and KSI Data Sciences.

AirView was founded by a seasoned entrepreneur and a high ranking law enforcement professional who together wanted to help tame the wild West that is the use of unmanned aircraft by business and governments. AirView offers customized consultation and direction on topics critical to the profitable and safe operation of UAS, such as insurance, data collection and management, video streaming, engineering, flight management, and data security. AirView’s co-founder is a former law enforcement professional who has experience using and deploying UAS on behalf of governmental entities and law enforcement, and knows what agents need in the field. We do not offer a cookie-cutter approach applied to every business. We work with you to identify how UAS can improve your bottom line, perform known tasks more safely, and to identify uses for UAS that you never dreamed of.

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