January 25, 2018

Drone Data Management

A picture of a person providing drone data management

Fleet management software allows you to keep track of your inventory of UAS and sensors, track mission hours, record flight outcomes, keep track of maintenance schedules, verify performance standards, measure ROI, and provide the raw data for reports.

Flight management software can identify which aircraft are available, which remote pilots are available, and provide an overview of the aircraft’s flight hours and maintenance history.  The software also shows the pilot’s flight hours, currency, aircraft certification, time since last flight, and can be customized to track specified characteristics as desired.  

By illustrating pilot and aircraft history, decisions can be made regarding staffing a specific mission, the use of specific aircraft, and other matters that require informed judgements.


The program can also make recommendations based on the site conditions (weather, temperature, and elevation), pilot experience, or airframe lifecycle. It can also be used to create any number of protocols for normal, heightened, and emergency situations.  These programs can also be configured to require data input after each completed flight and generate reports and invoices as needed.


Data management and protection occurs during all phases of collection, transmission, and storage. AirView’s subject matter experts can offer solutions for providing real-time viewing by off-site decision makers through encrypted transmissions, advise on where and how to store needed information for future reference and preserving the legal integrity of the data, and how to reduce the risk to that data from outside threats.

When flight, fleet, and data management become a priority, AirView Consulting believes the most efficient path to evaluation is through live demonstration. We will recommend the optimal time to consider these products and software and arrange for demonstrations.