January 25, 2018


Air View Consulting understands the stakes when it comes to the successful implementation of drones into a business model. We offer expert and transparent advice needed to make informed decisions to avoid unnecessary setbacks whether your organization is selecting your first airframes, integrating advanced video transmission, or seeking sophisticated waivers or exemptions.


Air View is now offering DroneSense, the newest and most innovative software solution for commercial and government unmanned aircraft systems. DroneSense will elevate your unmanned aircraft systems with a comprehensive software platform that will bring state-of-the-art features such as industry-leading security compliance and live secure HD video streaming from drone to command easily through a Chrome browser.

Technology Scouting Service

If you are interested in ready-to-go drone packages or cutting-edge custom solutions, Air View Consulting has the experience to streamline the process.

Air View’s technology scouting service alleviates anxiety associated with trying to stay current on the latest technology and airframes. Our consultants meet with clients on-site, guiding you through each phase at your own individual pace. We have a skilled team of subject matter experts to teach best practices in drone insurance, technology, and data security.

We will also assist to assure you remain in compliance with all regulations and work to develop a culture of compliance, safety, and risk management.